PLEASE NOTE:  Course and Price List for Grande Prairie area effective June 21, 2013 

Well Service BOP - Spring 2015 (click for more info)

BEAR AWARENESS: ($95.00)This course provides guidance for pre-planning before you enter bear country and on-site situations. It was created to provide the most recent available information on bear avoidance for members of the public and industry alike. This program provides direction on how best to handle the situation using the knowledge and experiences of experts from the field. It provides students with the knowledge to recognize potentially dangerous situations and the understanding of the best methods to diffuse these hazardous situations. This course is 4 hours.

COMMERCIAL DRIVER HOURS OF SERVICE & FATIGUE MANAGEMENT: ($175.00)This course is designed to provide professional drivers with the knowledge and skill to correctly complete their log books. Participants study transportation regulations as it pertains to hours of service and how to properly record that service. This course is also designed to help commercial vehicle drivers and others to understand the impact of fatigue and to assist them to work with managers and supervisors adopting strategies to prevent fatigue. This course meets the criteria set out by the Alberta Department of Transportation. Course is 6 hours.

CONFINED SPACE ENTRY/BASIC RESCUE LEVEL I & II: Level 1 Theory ($165.00)  Level II Theory/Basic Rescue ($195.00)

Confined Space Entry & RescueThis course identifies different confine spaces, Hazards and controls, Regulations, Permits, Gas hazards and controls, Lockout/Tagout procedures, Employee/employer responsibilities etc. Includes actual tank entry with rescue procedures. Course is 8 hours.


Detection and Control of Flammable SubstancesThis course includes an introduction to flammable substances, principles of flammable gas/vapor detection, care and preparation of combustible gas monitors, interpreting combustible gas readings and control methods. Please bring your own LEL monitor and pump. Course is 8 hours.


First Aid - St John AmbulanceSt John Emergency First Aid, Emergency Scene Management with B.C. Level 1 certification, Level A CPR, Shock, Adult artificial respiration, Adult choking, Bleeding, 1 and 2 person CPR. Course is (1) 8 hour day.

FALL PROTECTION: ($175.00) This program provides workers with the knowledge required to work safely in areas exposed to fall hazards. Proper training is required by persons working in high places in order to ensure safe use of fall protection equipment. All equipment supplied. Course is 8 Hours.

Fire Extinguisher Basic TrainingThis hands-on course is intended to give shop, field and office workers a basic understanding of fire safety and the use and limitations of fire extinguishers.
Course consists of about 1-hour classroom instruction and then practical exercises (about 15 min per student) at your location or in our classroom.


H2S Alive

This course is intended for oilfield truck drivers operating vehicles with GVW of 4500 kg and over. Topics covered in this program are Professional Driving Attitude, Off-Highway Driving Techniques, Regulatory Requirements, Inspection & Maintenance Procedures, Non-Driving Skills and Hauling & Towing Procedures. Students in possession of an Alberta Operator's License receiving 80% or better on the written examination are eligible for a reduction of up to three demerit points from their driver's license from Alberta Transportation through any Alberta registries agent. This course is 8 hours.


Ground Disturbance Training Video and Franchise This course is for companies that are involved with ground disturbance. Subjects would include offences and penalties, Legislation, OH & S Act Safety codes, Alberta Pipeline Act, and regulations, Incident notification, Damage prevention, Alberta One Call, locating buried facilities etc. Course is 8 hours.

H2S ALIVE: ($175.00)

H2S Alive  Hazards, Properties of H2S, Breathing apparatus, theory and practice, testing for H2S, Rescue techniques. Course is 8 hours.


Pipeline construction safty training

This course is a Construction Sector Council (CSC) computer based course that has been designed to help the pipeline worker to respond to worksite health & safety issues. This course will provide the worker with tools to help build their skills to: recognize, assess and control hazards, operate vehicles & equipment safely and how to respond to emergencies. Course is 6 hours.

As a Distributor we offer this course at our campus as well as online.

Petroleum Safety Training –In Classroom: ($115.50)  is an introductory course for all employees working in the petroleum industry. The course provides a general introduction and overview of health and safety hazards and how to control them so that work can be completed safely. It discusses the legal framework that employers must follow and focuses on workers' and employers' responsibilities with respect to health and safety at work.
PST is an interactive multi-media program with video, audio, and interactive lessons. The course is intended for all employees including new hires to the petroleum industry and as a refresher for experienced workers, supervisors and managers.
Total running time of the program is approximately four to six hours. Topics include:
1. Petroleum Industry Processes Overview
2. Rights and Responsibilities
3. Hazard Recognition, Assessment and Control
4. Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing
5. Education, Training and Competency
6. Safety Communication
7. Emergency response Planning and Incident Reporting
8. Special Topics in the Petroleum Industry
9. Personal Well-Being

There is a closed book exam at the completion of the course with students requiring 80% to pass.


First Aid - St John Ambulance

 St John Standard First Aid with B.C. Level 1 certification, Level C CPR which includes infant, child, and adult resuscitation and CPR, 1 and 2 person CPR, Fractures, Burns, Head, etc. Course is (2) 8-hour days.

TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODS (TDG): ($80.00)  Covers classes and divisions of TDG, Labeling, Markings on packages and containers, Documentation, Placarding, Packaging, Responsibilities, and reporting dangerous occurrences. Course is 4 hours.

WELL SERVICE BLOWOUT PREVENTION: ($890.00) This course is aimed at the service rig operators, service rig managers, well site managers, filed foreman, production foreman and production engineers involved in well killing operations on the service rig. Some topics covered include sources and magnitude of pressures. Causes of kicks BOP equipment, kick warning signs, crew positions and duties. Upon successful completion of the BOP exam, the candidate will be issued an ENFORM certificate which is valid for 5 years. Course is 4 days.

WORKPLACE HAZARDOUS MATERIAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (WHMIS): ($80.00) This course covers suppliers, employers, employee’s responsibilities, labels, MSDS and training requirements. In-house courses can be tailored to your companies needs. Generic public course is 3 hours.


ONSITE & CUSTOMIZED COURSES are available. Let us travel to your office, location or worksite for group training customized to meet your company’s or projects specific needs. Onsite courses can be scheduled to meet your timeframe including evenings and weekends.

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CANCELATION POLICY Individuals and Companies MUST cancel courses by 12:00 Noon the day prior to the class or pay the “No Show” fee which is the cost of the course. No show fee’s are only charged if we are unable to fill the seat.